11 Email Marketing Tips

11 Email Marketing Tips
April 30, 2014 Andrew Davey

A summary of email marketing tips from 8 years of using distribution systems and designing HTML emails.

Email Marketing Tips

1 – Preheader text

Some systems that emails are viewed on will show a couple of lines of text from the email’s initial content, we tend to utilise this with bespoke code so it says more than “view in browser”, it’s a great way to summarise the email content and encourage opening.

2 – Spell check subject line

This is on our checklist so that we don’t miss it when we do the obvious content spell checking.

3 – Personalisation and fallbacks

Making an email more personal can increase responses rates, make sure that the fallback terms makes sense too (e.g. Hi ‘there’). Going a step further there are some powerful tools for insertion of dynamic & conditional content to make emails even more focused for the recipient.

4 – Geolocation

We’ve all pondered over when is the best time to send campaigns but when the recipients are all over the world there are different timezones and seasons to consider too. So it’s great news that Campaign Monitor announced this week Geolocation Segments. We use a similar process on Jancis Robinson’s weekly email through MailChimp to make sure that people in America aren’t getting the email in the middle of the night.

5 – Testing

The major distribution companies have testing systems to check that emails aren’t spammy and that they look great on major email clients. There are also fantastic tools such as Litmus

6 – Send to a legit list

It’s much better to have a small, honed list than to try anything iffy. Take a look at Campaign Monitor’s guidelines and learn to love email unsubscribers.

7 – Video links

In our experience, images that have a play button on get clicked far more. If there’s development budget on the project, then video can be played directly in some better email software.

8 – Segment your list

Customers, Suppliers, People that buy widget A, People that buy widget B. It’s worth putting the segmenting time in, the more recipients see content relevant to them the more valued they’ll feel.

9 – Sharing

If the email is worth sharing then it’s quite simple to have ‘Share on Twitter, Facebook, Email etc.’ links inserted.

10 – Signups

Increasing the signups to your email announcements. There are many options; Facebook signup tabs, a form on homepage, online customers being added at checkout, a pen and a piece of paper on the counter…

11 – Analytics

Tagging the email with Google Analytics code means that you can link email marketing to your Google Goals for measurable results.


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