404 pages – getting creative with mishaps

404 pages – getting creative with mishaps
April 4, 2014 Andrew Davey

If you make a wrong turn on a website you will get to a page called 404. They’re usually very dull but you can find some great playful ideas.


Our Sausage

We felt that it’s an opportunity for us to have some fun.

404 Page Reasonably Good



Social Stumbles

I came across Facebook’s broken thumb recently and thought that it was a great idea.



Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest’s 404s are currently lacking creativity, I was surprised about Twitter, they have the interesting Fail Whale.


A few great examples

Heinz has a good balance of useful navigation and a light hearted approach.



A bit of nostalgia from the BBC



A very elegant design from Huwshimi.



Gatecrash a private Firefox monster party.



  1. andrew 5 years ago

    i never knew about page 404, like them!!

    thanks for sharing

    • Author
      Andrew 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Andrew, we’ll have to think of an interesting 404 for your new site.

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