Air-Pot branding

Air-Pot branding
August 24, 2012 Rhys Harry

At the start of this year innovate horticultural company, Superoots, approached us to create an email newsletter campaign for them. Based on the success of that we have just completed the first stage of re-branding their flagship product, Air-Pot.

Air-Pot leaflet cover

Plant pots of the future

The Air-Pot is an intriguing looking device for growing anything from seedlings to trees in. The Air-Pot has a perforated, egg box like side wall, it works by air pruning the roots as they are guided to the air holes, this stimulates root branching back to the stem. This creates cracking results above ground as you can see from the size of these beauties.


The brief

Superoots asked us to create a new logo to represent the Air-Pot followed by some literature & exhibition materials. The brand proposition was fairly straight forward; Air-Pot is a market leader and produces unrivalled results, it’s an original & high tech piece of growing equipment aimed at large scale trade growers & individual enthusiasts alike. Supporting this claim is easy, Air-Pots are used by top horticultural establishments worldwide & have leagues of evangelical users.

Underground, overground…

To create the new logo we saw two elements being most important; firstly that Air-Pot is a high tech bit of kit for experts, secondly that we wanted to convey the message that what’s going on below ground is just as important as what’s happening above. The name itself splits nicely & symmetrically in half, giving us a neat way to visually describe above & underground.

With an eye on making the name prominent we kept the graphic as a bold logotype rather than hiding it amongst a symbol. Choosing typefaces, we looked for something that had a high tech feel and ideally we wanted some tapered edges & points to hint at pruned roots. Faces such as Danube & LayarBahtera were considered for their pointy qualities but eventually we opted for a bold classic – Avant Garde.

To echo the circular features of the Air-Pot we adapted Avant Garde to have rounded descenders, hyphens and crossbars. Finally, we continued the circle theme to create brown & green, underground & overground layers.

Air-Pot Logo

Print marketing

To help promote the product at trade shows Superoots requested a mini brochure. We designed an A5 square piece that made good use of their extensive library of product & industry photos, the cover continues the underground overground motif using a good image of the Air-Pot material & young saplings. To emphasise their position as market leaders & innovators we took important words from the brief copy to make a strapline to put front & centre wherever possible – The Experts’ Choice.

Air-Pot Leaflet


Usually, at trade shows Superoots construct a unique display stand using the Air-Pot material for walls. Where this isn’t possible they needed a large format backdrop which we were happy to design. Using one of the grander images of a tree planted in an Air-Pot along with acres of repeating egg box texture provided a poster which we hope is just as visually impressive. You can find out more about Air-Pot & Superoots on their website.

Air-Pot Poster


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