Air-Pot website

Air-Pot website
June 25, 2014 Rhys Harry

We recently designed & built a new website for horticultural innovators Caledonian Tree Company. Their high tech plant pot – Air-Pot, uses air pruning to improve growth rates.


Video stars

Right from the start the brief of the new site was to inform users about the product through instructional video. There are 8 short videos throughout the site that cover all aspects of the Air-Pot system. Early indications on Google analytics show that the company were wise to invest in video production – high numbers of session durations of 3+ minutes signal that users are staying on the site long enough to absorb information.


Global growth

A secondary aim of the site is to reinforce the message that the Air-Pot system works anywhere in the world. We used a customised, full width Google map to display pin points in different locations that pull up photos & info.



To help encourage gardening businesses around the world use the Air-Pot system our client also invested in making the site multilingual. Clear flag navigation directs users to the 5 additional languages. As well as all site text, videos have all been translated & re-dubbed too.




Or watch their introductory video below.


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