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  • Reasonably Good for Nothing

    On Thursday, I had the opportunity to 'think aloud' as one of the guests at a Good for Nothing Social, the theme was 'Culture in Chester - mediocre, risk-averse and suspicious or open, challenging & embracing?'

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  • Logos go geo-retro

    In the past few years we've noticed some big brands launching redesigned logos that owe a lot to early 20th century graphic design. Taking a Bauhaus-influenced, geometric sans-serif logotype approach, here are some of our favourite examples of this trend.

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  • The Grosvenor Arms email design

    After creating the identity & website for this stylish Dorset hotel, restaurant & bar we took over the management of their email marketing communications.

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  • Claremont Farm website

    We've worked, shopped, kept bees and festivalled with Andrew Pimbley and family at Claremont Farm for many years now so we understand the way the business has diversified, farming heritage and their belief in supporting local trade.

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  • Fabulous Day Identity Design

    Visual identity process versus logo design

    There is more to an identity than designing a logo, when creating a visual identity we make sure that we research the application of the identity to allow a presentation of the logo in context with other design elements. In this post we show how this was applied to a recent identity project.

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