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  • Mens underwear packaging

    Art Directing a photoshoot can be interesting, especially so in this case – Rhys told me in an unsure voice, “today I asked a man to shave his chest”.

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  • Air-Pot website

    We recently designed & built a new website for horticultural innovators Caledonian Tree Company. Their high tech plant pot – Air-Pot, uses air pruning to improve growth rates.

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  • Farm Feast Festival

    Wirral Food & Drink Festival had a sabbatical and was re-launched as Farm Feast.

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  • 11 Email Marketing Tips

    A summary of email marketing tips from 8 years of using distribution systems and designing HTML emails.

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  • UKP Worldwide rebrand

    One of our clients recently underwent a major rebranding and name change. The exciting challenge presented to us was to develop a brand that would appeal to new markets whilst not alienating a loyal and long standing customer base.

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