Boom Banger Rally

Boom Banger Rally
April 18, 2013 Rhys Harry

Boom Banger Rally run a European Banger Car Rally from Rouen to Nice called the Cosmopolitan Classic. They asked us for an engaging brand design, website & other goodies. Vroom vroom…

Boom Banger Rally - logo


Boom Banger Rally - logo progress

Boom Banger Rally - inspirationThe client had some vision on how the design could work; the name Boom Banger Rally was discussed and following on from that, a bomb icon could to be incorporated as part of the logo.

Marvel Comics sprang to mind as did Cosgrove Hall’s classic Danger Mouse. The bomb motif that we agreed upon had the benefit of being a recognisable brand element that could be used as avatars across social media.


Boom Banger Rally - Home

The website design that we developed uses tyre marks, cutout cars, Google route maps, Twitter feeds and a blog. I bet you’d rather just take a look at rather than me explain it.

Responsive web design

Boom Banger Rally - Responsive

Working across multiple platforms and viewport widths is a given these days. We adapted a boilerplate framework that allows the site to look just as pretty on wide or small devices. We decided to switch the logo structure for mobile versions to avoid it becoming too small.

Twitter page

With the website design and feel sorted the Twitter page could utilise these graphics for the background image, header image and avatar.

Boom Banger Rally - Twitter


Facebook page

Setting up a simple Facebook page header and avatar too followed on from the Twitter design.

Facebook boom banger rally

FHM advert

A full page advert was created for FHM Magazine.

fhm boom banger rally advert


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