Charles Owen branding

Charles Owen branding
September 24, 2012 Rhys Harry

Britain’s biggest horse riding helmet manufacturer Charles Owen asked us to redesign their logo & b2c marketing materials. Their existing branding was failing to portray the company as the trustworthy, long established market leader they are.

Charles Owen logo

New logo

Taking the old logo (below) we agreed that we couldn’t scrap it & start again. The diamond insignia is used on their helmets and is a recognisable part of the brand. So we kept the diamond, as well as improving it’s dimensions & relationships between shapes we decided that making it appear as a metal badge would give the logo a sense of permanence. After researching hundreds of typefaces we opted for Stag, we wanted a serif to lend authority & a well established air but not a serif so old fashioned as to suggest being backward looking. Adding ‘Established 1911’, drives home the company’s advantage over it’s competitors.

Old logo

Charles Owen previous logo


Moving the branding on we persevered with the existing colours, purple & bright green, again to keep the new branding as recognisably Charles Owen. We changed the purple to a much darker colour to be used mainly as backdrops. The bright green stayed the same but is restricted in use just for accent colours.

Charles Owen poster

Brochure spreads

Charles Owen brochure

Advert detail

Charles Owen advert



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