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Email marketing

Subscriber growth & management

A website is the ideal location to encourage email subscriptions and we can plan a sequence of emails & website landing pages to guide our clients’ customers through the sign-up process, we also advise other subscription opportunities such as Facebook pages.

Tailoring email content in focused campaigns starts with intelligent use of your subscriber list data. Our email systems allow our clients to enter as much customer info as they can glean, this can then be used to create unlimited groups that use logic rules to automatically add new members with the correct criteria.


Our clients can analyse list growth with reports & charts showing subscriptions over time as well as bounces & unsubscriptions.

Email newsletters

To engender brand awareness & customer retention email newsletters offer a proven, cost-effective method of communicating regular, relevant information. We offer our clients the ability to create and send their own email newsletters using a bespoke template that we design, build, test & upload to our online email system. For clients with eCommerce websites, we can design & build templates for regular catalogue style emails that drive direct sales & increase product awareness.

Announcements & Sales messages

We create & distribute announcement & sales emails on our clients’ behalf as they are, by nature, unique in their design requirements. A combination of traditional advertising design skills & thorough email coding know-how means we can deliver clear, concise email that spurs our clients’ customers to interact.

After sales & sign-up emails

For eCommerce websites we recommend automatically emailing customers with after sales information & order details, this can be augmented with follow up messages to gain feedback or cross-sell.

Detailed reporting

Immediately after distributing an email campaign our clients can use our online email system to see real time data on open rates & click throughs (listed & on live map), social shares, email software usage & bounces / unsubscriptions. Campaign history can be compared & reviewed to highlight trends, spot growth opportunities and capitalise upon past successes.


Advanced technology

We use two industry leading ESPs to manage our clients’ subscriber lists & campaigns. Campaign Monitor & MailChimp provide unrivalled technology, white-listed broadcast servers and simple user interfaces for our clients. Using cutting edge tools & techniques helps our clients achieve great results:

Responsive code

Bespoke templates & ad-hoc emails are all designed from a mobile first approach ensuring messages are quick to display, easy to read & respond to.


Automatically insert subscribers’ names and any other data.

RSS to email

Send automated messages with new content straight from website or blog.

Conditional content

Send focused text, images & graphics to recipients based on their profile. E.G. Only male recipients receive men’s clothing offers, London residents receive coupon for London shop.

A/B Testing

Clients with larger subscriber lists may benefit from sending a campaign with two variations to key messages, calls to action or any other content. During the distribution open & click through rates are measured & the winning campaign takes over at a determined tipping point. Results are shown in detailed reports outlining how the winning campaign succeeded.

Spam & screen test

Test emails through desktop, server and firewall level spam filters to flag up content that will prevent delivery. See how campaigns look in over 20 popular email services & devices, toggle images on/off & view browser quirks.


Use subscribers’ location data, recorded when they open email, to tailor messages to them. E.G. Different broadcast time-zones, location based offers.


Send automated messages based on dates or triggered by other activity. E.G. Birthday, recent purchase, membership expiring.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Track sales and conversions in Google Analytics that lead from email campaigns.

Social reach

Embed social sharing buttons in emails. View real time reports on sharing activity & see comments.

Brand domain

Email links and addresses all appear as a sub-domain of our clients’ web address E.G.

Email authentication

We configure our clients’ domains to use DomainKeys and Sender ID records, this improves deliverability of email campaigns.

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