Flying the Knot

Flying the Knot
February 4, 2013 Andrew Davey

This is our first ‘bird of prey’ client, they deserve a mention on the blog for that alone.

Flying the Knot Owl

Re-theming the site

We were commissioned to reorganise the WordPress website of Flying the Knot whose beautiful owls add a touch of magic to weddings. The client felt that the site wasn’t neat or engaging, the video didn’t work on Apple IOS devices and the gallery didn’t have very large preview images to tempt users to explore them further.


Grid structure

Along with the points raised, we looked at the grid system. The original wide design meant it suffered legibility issues on smaller viewports such as portable devices.  With elements less spaced out, the design is now cleaner and more legible. The screen grabs show the before and after, viewed on a 1024px wide standard screen.


Social Connections

social box

Social buttons and streams were brought in to allow users to social connect in different ways, the Twitter stream provides changing content on the homepage to keep it interesting and encourage people to follow them on Twitter. On the Gallery page streaming videos were brought onto the page from YouTube, therefore allowing non-flash devices to display them too.

Technical stuff

As with a lot of older WordPress sites that we work on, there was a lot of tidying up to do around the backend; unused plugins removed, others updated or replaced, this is done mainly for security reasons as it’s not uncommon to have blogs hacked via old plugins.

The site can be seen at


  1. Great blog, just as it was.
    Now it is great and your support has been fantastic – high recommendable.

    I hope your audience is wide.

    • Rhys 7 years ago

      Thanks Angel, it was a great project to work on & really pleased you were happy with the outcome.

      In regard to our audience, you could say it’s wide (unless you mean fat, in which case no comment)

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