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Identity Design

The difference between identity & brand – what you look like & what you are like. We don’t call ourselves a branding agency because we specialise in identity, in creating the visual elements of a brand.

Since digital media has overtaken offline marketing the function and purpose of corporate identity has naturally evolved. The logo has become less of a rubber-stamped figurehead, it has to be a flexible part of a cohesive identity system that adapts to the media it occupies.

We combine research, creative problem-solving & reflective criticism to form agile identities that give our clients’ brands a strong visual language.

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Identity design process


By asking detailed questions about our clients’ business activities, marketing plans, customers and any specific requirements we can draw up and agree upon a project brief. This is essential to keep the identity design on the right course for the client’s company and not be influenced by current fads or personal whims.


Before reaching for the pencils, it’s important carry out enough research to become well informed about a client’s field and about their customers. This stage also moves onto exploring visual material, this encompasses clients’ competitors’ marketing collateral and customers’ other likely interests. We believe that it is vital to understand why other visual materials do and don’t work as this analysis will inform our own decisions.



We use the initial creative stage to get absolutely everything out of our heads and onto paper. It doesn’t matter how badly scribbled it may be or how irrelevant it may seem as long as we don’t miss an opportunity for something useful to be recorded.

Once we’ve emptied everything onto sketch pads or rough digital doodles on the macs we collate it and collectively discuss and debate everything. Almost everything will be discarded but by coming together and sharing we can start to germinate the things that are agreed to have legs.


Once we’ve filtered the concepts we make sure that we have a few strong ideas that tackle the brief from different directions, before presenting anything, we critique the work using the brief to judge whether it is working.

We present designs through a variety of ways to help to visualise how logos and other components will work in the wild; mocked up web page, product packaging, billboard, whatever seems the most likely point of reference for the clients’ customers.


After presenting developed concepts to & gleaning feedback from our clients we make final tweaks to what is the agreed strongest idea. The time between presentation & feedback helps us review & hone the identity design with fresh eyes.


As there is more to an identity than a logo we make sure we hand over the keys to our clients with everything they need to deploy their company’s new visual identity. The logo will be ready for use anywhere, print or screen, minute or massive.

We produce a digital booklet with identity guidelines; logo usage rules, typography instructions – what typefaces to use and how, colour references – complete data for screen and print reproduction, dos & don’ts on image use and names. We create any other visual collateral our clients request; stationery, literature, social media cover imagery, avatars & icons.

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