Our mate News Corp

Our mate News Corp
June 5, 2013 Rhys Harry

Pantomime baddy & Leveson dodger, Rupert Murdoch, is splitting his behemoth company into 2 equally scary monsters; entertainment? (21st Century Fox) & news? (News Corp). The latter undergoing a radical re-brand. You’ve probably heard of greenwashing, this re-brand smacks of cuddlewashing to us.

Our mate News Corp

Mwaah ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa

OK, so the old logo is very Bond villain. The brief for the re-brand – something like, ‘make us look a lot less like the most horrifying entity on the planet & more like your favourite café’? Apparently, the script is based on the writing of Rupert and his father.

News Corporation

Because we are your friends

The Branding Agency Murdoch commissioned (not credited) aren’t alone at the cuddlewash party. We’ve seen the McDonalds adverts with slender kids running around farms to tootling music. Many other giants have stampeded to re-brand with freehand / script fonts in transparent efforts to be our mates as opposed to companies that sell us washing powder.


little chef


Reasonably Good cuddles

Our own long winded re-brand started off life going down the script avenue as it appealed to our own brief of getting our personality across. However, the more we saw huge companies piggy backing on the hand-made, good will feel, the more we felt that a new script style logo might end up doing the opposite of what we intended. So, in an about face we went as sharp, precise & linear as possible.

reasonably good logo

Wobblier than the sword

Looking at the new News Corp marque from a design perspective we’re confused. We get what they’re aiming at but why leave it so unfinished looking? The other major brand logos above consider the lines, flow, relative width of characters and kerning to create tidier designs.

Has the agency chosen to present a sycophantic concept for the client, or the client been prescriptive with the design? Maybe they just went full tilt to create an anti-logo, a non-corporate ID. If so, perhaps they succeeded, but at what cost? Surely there’s no longevity in this logo. It looks temporary, hurried, like a scan of a signature of an old man who can’t write properly… Oh!


  1. Joel 7 years ago

    They’ve copied the panorama logo? Love the blogs gents x

    • Author
      Rhys 7 years ago

      Thanks Joel. Good Panorama spot, although I reckon you could pick any huge company or news channel logo from the last 30 years & chances are it’ll have a wireframe globe.

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