Burton Road Brewing Co

Burton Road Brewing Co

The inaugural label for a Burton Road’s Pale Ale

What we did

The Burton Road Brewing Co are based in Didsbury, South Manchester. After a tough client meeting sampling the competitors pale ales around the bars on Burton Road, we had a good feel for where the business emerged from, and how this could inform the branding, we went away with a clear proposition of ‘making the most of everything’, that reflected the Manchester attitude.

The social commentary illustration work of Gareth Scott lent itself perfectly to this project, providing a lateral look at Manchester, and more specifically, Didsbury’s culture. It became a very collaborative project, working from the coworking studio INDUSTRY, we collaborated with Gareth and Marc Aspinall on the concepts, composition, style and typesetting.

The result is a label design that reflects Manchester’s positive attitude, with a Burton Road hipster bent. As the market widens the label isn’t so specific to be parochial, the concept is broad enough to be appreciated by a wider audience. The concept and styling has potential to inform the identity of Burton Road Brewing Co for an expanding range of products, it is a flexible identity that can grow.

  • We needed a striking and memorable label for our pale ale and Reasonably Good exceeded our expectations. They took a collaborative approach from the outset and together with the illustrator, Gareth Scott, worked with us to create a fantastic design that has had a real impact with customers and driven sales.

    Tom Westcott
    Tom WestcottCo-founder, Burton Road Brewing Co