Claremont Farm

Claremont Farm

Farm shop, cafe & outdoor activities.

What we did

New website

Back in 2006 we designed & built Claremont Farm’s first website, since then we have developed technology to create richer, smarter websites. Claremont Farm have also been growing and now boast a large, purpose built farm shop, café & cookery school. They also run many outdoor activities, encourage school children to learn about food, host a huge annual food & music festival & still have time to do what farms do – grow great food.

The latest website we created needed to highlight Claremont Farm’s super new attractions, let visitors view upcoming & past events & allow the farm staff to create & edit all site content.

Automated emails

Because of their high profile activities Claremont Farm have a large database of customers that they were keen to keep in touch with regularly. We put together a system that takes their latest website article about an upcoming event and sends it out by email, beautifully branded, of course. Right from the off the team saw an increase in event bookings as a direct result of reaching out to more people.
  • Best customer service in the NW (possibly world), unique ideas that make a real difference and impeccable taste in clients!

    Andrew Pimbley
    Andrew PimbleyClaremont Farm