Nine Meals From Anarchy

Nine Meals From Anarchy

The inaugural¬†label for Nine Meals From Anarchy’s Veg Stock

What we did

The phrase ‘Nine Meals From Anarchy’ is a nod to the importance of the food chain and the value we Tom and Sam put into respecting this. Running an organic small holding themselves, this product was born our of their passion for uncorrupted food. The stock is entirely organic made with over 75% vegetables.

The final label design represents a bottom-up concept of growing organically, with a solidarity fist that ties in with the whole brand voice. Colourways were chosen to stand out from the rest of the supermarket shelf’s products, with yellow being a reactionary colour that gets attention through basic instincts of fight-or-flight via the amygdala part of the brain.

  • Working with Reasonably Good was a brilliant experience! They extracted and distilled our jumbled ideas, presenting them back to us refined and enhanced. Their whole approach, care and attention was exceptional and we couldn’t be happier with the work they produced.

    Thomas Whitley
    Thomas WhitleyCo-founder, NMFA