Stairway Trees

Stairway Trees

Stairway grow high quality, hardy trees and shrubs from seed using a combination of cutting edge technology, vast experience and a great deal of care.

What we did

Stairway’s old website could no longer keep pace with current technology & browsing behaviour. We designed & built a new, mobile friendly, expandable eCommerce site from the ground up.

The team at Stairway Trees much prefer getting their hands dirty in the nursery than being stuck on a computer administrating the website. We had to make sure the new site was simple & speedy to keep up to date.

On the customer side of the site, we had to consider both horticultural experts looking for technically superior plants with very long latin names & green fingered enthusiasts hunting a nice apple tree for the new house.

As with many of our clients Stairway have a great reputation and fantastic credentials, it makes our job less complex when we can highlight strengths their competitors can’t.

  • Testimonial to follow…

    Julie DettbarnStairway Trees