Push the box | Out of the envelope

Push the box | Out of the envelope
July 13, 2012 Andrew Davey

Intriguing Design Communication being our strap-line means we pursue more interesting and creative ways to tackle a brief. When designing our own re-branded stationery we went back to basics – do we need business cards, compliment slips & letter heads? Is there anything more exciting we can do?

stationery thumbnail

Our conclusions were; people still store business cards on a rolodex or pop them in their wallet – so format was important, we use compliment slips when we send designs in the post and on the whole we don’t use many letter heads.

Letter heads

Often, the letters we send are part of a self promotion package. So we investigated plenty of intriguing ways of approaching this. When researching, the book Forms, Folds, and Sizes was a useful resource. Experimenting with folds led us to an oversized design that folds down to a standard DL size which is sealed with a bespoke sticker.

Business cards and compliment slips

We decided to combine our compliment slip and business card into one, using a perforation to detach the business card. It is a standard business card size, which dictated a slightly narrower and shorter compliment slip on a thicker stock, we bought yellow paint pens to write on them.

See the results with the video below:


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