How do you rate our new website?

How do you rate our new website?
February 4, 2015 Rhys Harry
New website | Reasonably Good | Design Communication

We recently updated our own identity and as part of this have re-designed our website. Nice, isn’t it.

Feedback on the result would be greatly appreciated, although please note, our comments system below will filter out obscenities.

Engaging portfolio

The main aim for our new site is to deliver a more engaging experience in our portfolio. In addition to showing off plenty of full-screen pics of projects, we want to relay a concise view of our process and the route of a successful project.


Project details

To succinctly get across the life of a project from initial research to outcome analysis we intend to show the following:


Full screen atop the page – because let’s face it, some (most?) people just want to see the goods.

Client overview

Who are they & what do they do.

Project brief

What were the main objectives.

Project deliverables

What did we do, along with any fascinating(!) insights into how we did it.

Results analysis

Based on the client’s brief objectives, how successful was the project. Also, what other outcomes have happened.

Client feedback

From the client’s point of view, how did the project pan out.

What else?

We’d love to know what you think might be good to see on project pages so please do leave your thoughts below, or email us if you prefer.

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  1. Ian 5 years ago

    Toby says ‘Without the big bird at the end, I’d like to live there.’

    • Author
      Rhys Harry 5 years ago

      Unfortunately, canal side life in Chester is plagued by huge moorhens – and their favourite snack is little boys.

  2. Sandie Smith 5 years ago

    Nw website is “Unreasonably Good”!

    • Author
      Rhys Harry 5 years ago

      Thanks Sandie, we pride ourselves on being reasonably unreasonable.

  3. Stephen 5 years ago

    Looks good, bit disturbed by one of your values being “Oiled”. Suggest your Results Analysis highlights how well you met the customers expectations on Time, Price & Quality

    • Author
      Rhys Harry 5 years ago

      Hi Stephen, it’s our machine that’s well oiled, we try not to oil our clients much. Thanks for the results analysis suggestion, we aim to highlight the KPIs from our clients’ point of view but it’s definitely good to remember those important three points too.

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