Re-branding, cobblers & pulling teeth

Re-branding, cobblers & pulling teeth
April 13, 2012 Rhys Harry

Pulling Teeth

In all of our Reasonably Good years we have not experienced a client this painful. Sure we’ve experienced the occasional oddball and a circuitous route to a job’s end.

This bunch, however, took the piddle.

Reasonably bad clients

We are, of course, referring to ourselves.

Never again will we frown when a client takes a little more time to work out exactly what it is they’re aiming to do, or indeed if they remain a tad vague on the whole project. The level of pixel pushing, tweaking, huffing, puffing, about turning & wholesale scrapping that took place during our epically long re-branding project was, frankly, laughable.

After spending about the last 3 years telling clients, rather apologetically, not to judge a cobbler by their own shoes – in reference to our ‘temporary’ one page portfolio website – we realised it was high time to tidy up our own front garden.

Thankfully, we’re not alone, Manchester agency Music were honest enough about their procrastination to list it on the homepage of their ‘stopgap’ website.

What’s the brief

We can now sympathise with clients who struggle to respond to our briefing questions, after posing these to others for 6 years we were now on the other side of the table & it wasn’t easy. Trying to polish who you are, what you do, why you think you’re good at it into a neat nub seems easy from the outset but as soon as you start framing statements you become uncomfortable with the brackets around you, they’re never quite right. It’s like someone asking what kind of music you like, what clothes you prefer. You instinctively know yourself what you like but try to define it to another & you find yourself umming & ahhing.


We set about revising our brand from scratch as we felt the original ideas were not only starting to look a little long in the tooth but more importantly didn’t represent what we’re about. Much navel gazing told us that our old brand was a bit formal, too stiff. We needed to inject more of us in it, to not to be afraid to shout about the kind of chaps we are.

We also needed to make it crystal clear what we do, too many times somebody would be unaware that we do design for print after finishing their website, or vice versa. Having said that we still couldn’t resist hiding the words behind a curtain on the about us bit of our new site, maybe we’re just terminally shy.

The upshot

With that, rather sketchy, brief to work to we moved onto months of research (spying on the competition), rough idea doodling, typeface trawling, colour ogling & eventually, whittling some firm ideas into shape. We’ll empty out the ideas reject bin into another post for your derisive enjoyment soon but for now you can see the end result on this blog & on our main website.

Hmmm, maybe that yellow is a shade too Kodak…


  1. richard jackson 8 years ago

    Do you really have a giant bird pecking your building?

    • Author
      Rhys 8 years ago

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your interest in our company and its oversized water fowl.

      Sadly, that image on our homepage is not real but is in fact what we call in the business a ‘computer generated image’, an image literally generated on a computer. We took a nice shot of our canal side studio, another of a friendly moorhen and scaled the latter up to hilarious proportions.

      Andrew had the great idea of making it peck at the window. We like to think it’s saying ‘got any cgi bread?’ or ‘stop arsing around in photoshop with wildlife photos and do some real work’.

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