Social Media Day

Social Media Day
June 30, 2012 Andrew Davey

Today is Mashable’s 3rd annual Social Media Day. A way to acknowledge the socially connected generation. There are 513 global meetups for social media enthusiasts.

Social Media Day

For many of our clients we are a digital sounding board, talking through social media options for their business, working out what’s right for them. It can be a confusing area where people often panic, feeling they’re missing the boat by not having a presence for their business on some form of social media, especially when Twitter & Facebook are mentioned in traditional media so frequently.


We usually discuss Blogs (web logs integrated into websites), Microblogs (Twitter), Content Communities (Instagram, YouTube), or Social Networking sites (Facebook) as potential routes for clients. Through these, businesses can attempt to build a social authority within their industry. Rather than controlling a message with traditional mainstream media, businesses can only participate in a conversation and hope to have influence within it.

Put simply, the graphic below explains some of the social media forums:

Social Media Explained


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