Visual identity process versus logo design

Visual identity process versus logo design
April 28, 2015 Andrew Davey
Fabulous Day Identity Design

There is more to an identity than designing a logo, when creating a visual identity we make sure that before the early initial presentation stages we’ve researched the application of the identity to allow a presentation of the logo in context with other design elements. This ensures that the clients we’re collaborating with can envisage the intention.

The elements

Colour palettes, typefaces, image treatments and graphic elements could come into this stage. Below are the initial presentations for the recently completed Fabulous Day identity project that we undertook as part of a website upgrade:

presentation_2 presentation_1 presentation_3

The brief

Making sure that we’ve taken a comprehensive brief is a large part of the identity design process. Having this set of criteria allows us to achieve the client’s goals through design, we have the knowledge that the robust briefing enables us to put extra work into the initial presentation; the identity is answering the client’s brief, not decorating or stylising to personal preference or current trends.

This project developed from the initial designs into a strong visual identity:


See the Fabulous Day website.


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