We do like to be beside the canalside

We do like to be beside the canalside
June 11, 2012 Rhys Harry

Our latest photo shoot for the portfolio page was more of a challenge than previous ones. An interesting shopping list & some early starts ensued.

Canal beach shopping list

Deciding how best to portray the range of work we have produced for upmarket travel agents ITC didn’t take very long – let’s create a beach scene & position the newspaper/magazine adverts, brochures & mailers around as if they’re holiday reading. It did, however, take quite a while to set it up & shoot it.

Sand shopping
Despite our office being within striking distance of the coast we didn’t think a north Wales beach would carry the exclusive holiday feel we needed to convey so we opted to bring the beach to our office. After a few visits to hardware stores and children’s outdoor play goods vendors we found that Tesco sell a good light yellow sand – a bit more Antigua than Cayman Islands but we soldiered on.

Rhys playing with sand

Andrew playing with sand

Lights, camera, lights off – Action!
With our canalside beach taking shape we ran a few test shots but they were looking a bit flat. We switched off the studio lights and had a go with natural light – much better. The sun streams through our largest window about 7.30am these days so the shoot, fuelled by much coffee, took place on the next bright sunny morning.

As well as involving plenty of beach holiday props Andrew had the inspired idea to sacrifice an office plant, stick it to the window & cast a very palm tree like shadow across the beach.

Under the shade of a palm tree

The end result

It took a lot of effort but the outcome is much more rewarding than slinging an istock sand background behind digital artwork in photoshop. Have a look through the shots on our online portfolio.



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